Approved Motorcycle Training Provider

Total Control® 3 Wheel Riding Clinic

8 hours (1 day) licensing course

The Total Control 3 Wheel Riding Clinic (Total Control 3WRC®) is a hands-on, step-by-step course designed to teach experienced motorcycle or 3-wheel vehicle riders the physical and mental skills necessary to ride safely on the street. The course is conducted in one day and includes both classroom and on-cycle instruction.

Students may provide their own 3-wheel vehicle, proof of insurance and protective riding gear. Students that meet evaluation standards at the end of the course receive a completion card and their Class M license with a “9” restriction. This restriction prohibits operating a 2-wheeled motorcycle.

A three-wheeled vehicle may be provided, if available, but students may bring their own three-wheel trike, sidecar outfit or Can-Am Spyder. Autocycles such as Polaris Slingshots are not allowed in the course.

Taking the 3WRC with a valid permit will result in a restriction "9" added to license upon successful completion of the course. This restriction prohibits you from operating a 2-wheeled motorcycle. To have a restriction "9" removed please call PennDOT at 1-800-932-4600, TTY callers dial 711, and request a special motorcycle learner’s permit. Upon successful completion of a skills evaluation on a 2-wheeled motorcycle, the "9" restriction will be removed.


Valid motorcycle permit or motorcycle license and driver’s license
Protective riding gear including:

  • EYE PROTECTION including shields, sunglasses, goggles, or glasses
  • WATER or other non-alcoholic beverage, quick to eat foods and lunch that does not require refrigeration. There are very few locations and opportunities to purchase food or beverages.
  • FULL-FINGERED GLOVES: closed back, with no holes in them. They must be street-motorcycle specific and/or durable leather. Mechanics gloves, batting gloves, etc. are NOT acceptable.
  • STURDY HIGH TOP SHOES OR BOOTS: footwear MUST COVER the anklebone; fabric footwear is not permitted.
  • LONG STURDY PANTS: leather, "blue-jeans," or denim only with no tears or holes

You may bring your own DOT-compliant ¾ or full face helmet, or one will be provided for you.