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Motorcycle Safety Program Instructor Application

Instructor Candidates

Total Control is actively seeking candidates interested in teaching others about motorcycle safety, whether in the classroom or on the range. Candidates interested in becoming an Instructor should possess the following qualification:

  • Candidate must be 18 years or older and possess a valid Class M license
  • Candidate should currently operate a motorcycle on a frequent and routine basis
  • Candidate should have a minimum of two (2) years motorcycle riding experience
  • Maintain a criminal history and driving record that is consistent with the goals of the program, i.e., no theft or fraudulent activities. The criminal history and driving record must reflect that within the last five years the applicant did not have any problems with violence, major traffic violations or driver’s license suspensions. In addition, within the last seven years, an applicant cannot have any driver’s license revocations or alcohol related driving convictions
  • Possess excellent communication and customer service skills
  • A sincere desire to help reduce motorcycle accidents, injuries, and deaths

To apply, submit your current resume and contact information to