Approved Motorcycle Training Provider

Total Control® Advanced Riding Clinic

9 hours (1 day) non-licensing course

The Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic (Total Control ARC®) is the most fun, effective way to improve riding skills for experienced riders in a safe, controlled environment. The internationally acclaimed curriculum is also used extensively by government agencies and the military to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities.

The Total Control ARC® teaches advanced riding techniques including: throttle control, vision, line selection, body position and trail braking. It also features comprehensive psychological and suspension setup instruction. This holistic approach to rider education includes physical, mental and mechanical training by highly trained instructors with world-class coaching skills.

The course includes both classroom and on-cycle instruction and is based on the most current research in rider safety utilizing modern training methods.


3,000 miles of street riding experience.
Well maintained motorcycle. It will be inspected by an instructor prior to class. Motorcycles that do not meet the minimum safety requirements will not be permitted in class:

  • Tires should have sufficient tread (at least 3mm). Air pressure will be checked before the class starts. Absolutely NO race, race compound tires, or car tires regardless if they are DOT approved.
  • Your bike should be able to perform satisfactorily in hot weather and not overheat while stopped with the motor running.
  • On liquid cooled bikes, check your coolant before attending class.
  • Check your oil level before attending class.
  • Your charging system must function properly and a relatively new battery is highly recommended because you will be starting the bike frequently.
  • Make sure your brakes are in good working order.


Motorcycle endorsement
Provide your own street-legal motorcycle
Valid proof of insurance and registration
Full protective riding gear including:

  • DOT-compliant helmet, full-face recommended
  • Sturdy over the ankle boots (no canvas, cloth, etc.)
  • Full fingered motorcycle-specific gloves (leather recommended). Fingerless, motocross or mechanics gloves are not allowed.
  • Motorcycle jacket and pants (Kevlar jeans, chaps, racing leathers or textile are OK. Absolutely NO regular jeans.